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Rajgira no Sheero: August 20, 2011

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A yummy halwa that to which one can eat while fasting…easy to make and instant too…one just needs few basic ingredients and you are ready to serve a delicious and tasty sweet dish to family and friends.


Rajgira Flour / Amaranth : ½ Cup

Sugar : ½ Cup

Milk : 1 ½ Cup

Ghee : 1/3 Cup

Cardamom Powder : ¼ Tea Spoon


Step : Add ghee in a thick bottom pan and add rajgira flour to it.

Step : Roast the rajgeera’s flour on low flame till it gets slightly brown in color.

Step : By that time add milk and sugar in another pan and heat them till they reach boiling point.

Step : Add the milk to the roasted rajeera’s slowly and steadily from the sides of the pan.

Step : Mix everything well and let the ghee starts leaving he sides of the pan.

Step : Remove the sheera / halwa into a serving bowl.

Step : Sprinkle the powdered cardamom and serve it hot.


1 : If one is not comfortable with the use of milk in this recipe than they can replace it with 1 Cup of Water.

2 : Continuous stirring while rajgira flour is been roasted is compulsory in this recipe so that it does not get stick at the bottom of the pan.

3 : Unlike other halwas Rajgira’s Sheera will not have the same consistency, rather it will have a dropping consistency.


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